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About Me

Dear soul, it is wonderful to see you in this virtual space of development - to go through your life lessons, to know your raw inner sources of knowledge and to be one with the mission of life; Your soul's destiny.
My name is Shani and I own a space that allows every soul that wants to pass on its lessons and open up to a vision in the way of love for freedom.

I invite you to browse the site, register for the community and join it. Your role is needed in the world and we need you here on Earth.

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Your soul can go through your life lessons, be exposed to your raw sources of knowledge and realize your vision on earth. You can now discover the role of your life.

  • ID card for your soul journey.
  • Collaborations that are written in your soul’s vision.
  • Shared passage of life lessons.
  • Getting to know your psychic abilities.Changing the world together!
What do I offer?
You are invited to choose the route that suits you to receive the most relevant content for your soul's journey.


Lectures for associations, organizations, private individuals who are interested in hosting me face-to-face or online and develop an experiential thought discourse on topics such as: lessons in life, my soul’s vision, role and destiny on earth, new medicine, the 8 bodies of man, magnetic medicine and more.

Email Channeling

You send me an email and receive back the reasons for the blockages you mentioned that exist in your life and the recommendations for a solution.

Quiz – What are your classes?

Whenever you feel stuck in a certain lesson, enter the quizzes on the website, fill in the details and you will receive a real-time answer regarding a new perspective in your life.

Energy Scan

A personal session in which we will receive answers directly from your soul and the information system surrounding it.

Lessons Book

Dear soul, your need for development is understandable and clear to all.
I am here to deepen, streamline, shorten and focus processes so that you can fulfill your role on earth.

Video Meeting

Dear soul, I invite you to an in-depth video session where we can get to know your life lessons together and meet you with your personal soul. You have a mission to do in the world, it would be my privilege to accompany you in your unique spiritual training for it.